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Beard Books - Law and Business Books
Beard Books offers law and business books on bankruptcy and insolvency, banking and finance, biographies and memoirs, criminal, family law, healthcare, history, intellectual property, law, litigation, maritime and transportation, real estate, trusts and estates.

Beard Conferences -  Innovative, Informative Bankruptcy and Healthcare Conferences in U.S. and Europe
The Beard Group, working with Renaissance American Management, conducts highly successful annual conferences on Physician Agreements and Ventures, Corporate Reorganizations, Healthcare Transactions, and Distressed Investing, covering both the U.S. and European markets.

Beard Group - Law and Business Publishers
The main site for Beard Group, Beard Books, bankruptcy conferences, internet bankruptcy library, research archives and case docket.

Case Docket - Free Document Delivery
Free document delivery of bankruptcy court pleadings.

Chapter15.Com - Ancillary and Other Cross-Border Bankruptcy Cases
Chapter 15 of the United States Bankruptcy Code: Ancillary and Cross-Border Bankruptcies codifies a comprehensive framework through which representatives in corporate insolvency proceedings outside the U.S. can obtain access to the United States courts.

Corporate Finance Data Depot - Corporate Finance Law and Business Library
Online news and information about corporate finance law and business library.

Environmental Data Depot - Environmental Law and Business Library
Details all the environmental books, environmental conferences, and environmental newsletters provided by the Beard Group.

Healthcare Data Depot - Healthcare Law and Business Library
The definitive online source for healthcare data.

Internet Bankruptcy Library - Worldwide Troubled Company Resources 
Your daily source of bankruptcy news and worldwide troubled company resources.

IP Data Depot - Intellectual Property Law and Business Library
Intellectual Property Law and Business Library.

Litigation Data Depot - Litigation Law Library
Litigator's Library - The only online resource for litigation data and information.

Matheson's Company Reporters
The source of the activities of Lenovo Group Limited. Matheson's Lenovo Reporter is co-published and hosted by Beard Group, Bankruptcy Creditors' Service, Inc. and the Internet Bankruptcy Library (IBL).

ResearchArchives.Com - Legal Documents Library
Legal documents library that is a powerful online resource for bankruptcy, banking, healthcare, labor & employment, real estate, copies of material contracts and agreements involving virtually all public companies in the United States.

Sunstream News - Legal, Business and Financial News Depot
SunStreamNews is a news database of business, legal, and financial minutes.